15 Reasons The Hummer H2 And H3 Aren’t As Bad As You Remember

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What started out as a military vehicle eventually became one of the most famous SUVs an American automaker has built. Hummer impressed the military, so General Motors thought that it would add a lot of value to a civilian’s life. When General Motors launched the civilian version of Hummer, most of the market couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Rappers featured the car in their videos and inspired others to purchase it. GM had managed to create a big buzz with Hummer, prompting sales to increase.

However, it wasn’t long after Hummer rolled off the production line that consumers started to notice some of its flaws. Finding parking with a Hummer was a nightmare since the vehicle barely fit into a parking bay, and gas consumption was through the roof. Although Hummer had numerous drawbacks, it also had quite a few perks. We compiled a list of its good features to remind you why the Hummer H2 and H3 aren’t as bad as you remember.

15. Run-Flat Tires

These days, we’ve become accustomed to run-flat tires; they’ve become the norm. Back when Hummer came out in the early 2000s, it was a big deal to own one that had run-flat tires. Many drivers regarded vehicles with run-flat tires back then to be ahead of their time.

14. Special Lighting

Considering that the Hummer exceeds the clearance height limit, it is required to have clearance lights above the roof by law. You’ll find amber marker lights on the front exterior of the cabin, as well as red marker lights on the rear of the cabin. Plus, the lights make the car look even cooler.

13. Spawned An Electric Version

Well, if it wasn’t for the Hummer H2 and H3, then General Motors wouldn’t even have thought about producing an electric version. They used the H2 and H3 as the base for the design of the 2022 Hummer EV. It’s expected to be the Hummer that restores the brand.

12. The Intimidating Design

One of the things that made the H2 and H3 so appealing was the design. Not only were the vehicles big, but they also had a roughish exterior that other drivers on the road found to be intimidating. One of the last vehicles that you’d want to have a collision with was a Hummer.

11. Driver Information Center

Besides providing plenty of muscle, General Motors ensured that Hummer was also driver-friendly. Hummer didn’t just look intimidating from the outside; the interior was also impressive. Some models had up to 28 warnings for specific vehicle functions and enabled drivers to personalize the driving environment, according to Live About.

10. Smart Bumpers

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a car that scrapes the ground. To ensure Hummer drivers enjoyed their cars, General Motors reduced the front and rear end overhangs to the bare minimum so that the bumper wouldn’t scrape on a descent or an incline.

9. Off-Road Capabilities

Hummer’s impressive off-road capabilities were one of the reasons that many drivers opted for it instead of sedans. It’s no secret that General Motors built the Hummer to take a tremendous amount of punishment off-road. It was built so that drivers could enjoy its rugged capabilities off the beaten path.

8. Celebrity Status

Having numerous celebrities own a specific car will help the brand. One of the reasons that Hummer exploded in popularity is that many rappers featured it in their music videos, and other celebrities were proud owners, with Arnold Schwarzenegger among them. Owning a Hummer in the early days provided inherent status.

7. 300 Horsepower Engine

Considering the Hummer had such a bulky body, it’s not a surprise that GM fitted the car with a massive engine. You could find a 6-liter or a 6.2-liter engine under the hood. Due to its engine, many Hummer models had the ability to produce a decent 300 horsepower.

6. Luxurious Interior

Who said that off-road cars don’t have a luxurious interior? GM wanted to produce a car that had great off-road capability but was also comfortable. The cabin provided enough space, but it also ensured that passengers were comfortable. Just look at the interior of this one, as the image says it all.

5. Modification Ability

Hummer enthusiasts who wanted to take their cars to the next level had the opportunity to with the H2 and H3. Those models allowed drivers to modify their cars to the max with the way it was designed and all the additional features it allowed them to add. The modified version pictured here looks awesome.

4. Dual Fuel Tank

The dual fuel tank wasn’t applicable to all models, but some had it. Hummers had big engines, so high fuel-consumption was a norm. The nice thing with Hummers that had dual-fuel tanks is that it gave drivers peace of mind that they wouldn’t run out of gas after a short distance.

3. Central Tire Inflation System

Since Hummer wanted to provide a great off-road capability, it provided the Central Tire Inflation System. This feature allowed drivers to inflate or deflate tires from within the cabin. Drivers could do this with a flip of a switch, and this feature was particularly great in a pinch during off-road use.

2. Towing Capacity

Hummer wasn’t all looks and no show. Besides the off-road capability, both H2 and H3 models could haul large cargo. Some of the models had a towing capacity of 8,200 pounds. That’s impressive. Hummer definitely had a lot of power and didn’t just look tough, but could back it up.

1. Traction Control

It had a unique traction control system that prevented wheel spin. It was called TorqueTrac4. This system applied brakes automatically to a wheel that was spinning, which resulted in traction taking place on wheels that weren’t spinning. That feature certainly makes Hummer models stand out, suggesting it was underappreciated in its day.

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